Peggy Walla Does it Again!

On October 25, 2003, Michelle “Angie” Yarnell disappeared from her home in Ivy Bend, Missouri.  Her husband of three years, Mike, claimed that she must have run off with another man.  Their relationship had been troubled.  Angie’s mother, Marianne Asher-Chapman, knew that her daughter, with whom she was very close, would never have left without a word.

Marianne filed a missing persons report, and worked to get media attention.  With the help of local reporter  RaVae Edwards, Marianne was invited to appear on the Montel Show a year later.  That very day, Mike disappeared.

On October 20, 2007, four years after Angie’s disappearance, Marianne was a guest on Todd Matthew’s “Missing Pieces” radio Show.  During the interview Marianne told Todd that ten days after she filed the missing persons report she received a post card, postmarked Harrison, Arkansas, and apparently from Angie, stating that she was with a man named Gary, and would be in touch.  During the broadcast Todd offered to have a handwriting analyst look at the post card.

Knowing that she had used a handwriting analyst with great success in the past, Todd contacted his friend and colleague Vicki Siedow, founder of FLIP.  Vicki in turn put him in touch with FLIP member Peggy Walla, A questioned document examiner, handwriting analyst and private investigator in Columbus, Texas.  Peggy has cracked more than one case for FLIP, and was featured in the Flip Mysteries: Women on the Case premier.

Peggy reported that the post card was not written by Angie.  She believed it to have been written by Angie’s husband Mike.  She further discerned from the writing that Mike had killed Angie, and that if he could be found he would confess and lead authorities to Angie’s body.

Upon receiving Peggy’s report in March, 2008, police began to actively look for Mike Yarnell.  He was picked up in August.  Just as Peggy said, he confessed to having murdered his wife, Angie.  He then led police to her remains.

Our condolences to Angie’s family, and our thanks to Todd Matthews, Vicki Siedow. and especially Peggy Walla for assisting law enforcement in solving yet another case.

6 thoughts on “Peggy Walla Does it Again!”

  1. WAY to go Peggy, we are all so proud of you and confident as we continue to refer cases to you that your work will continue to raise the bar of respectability for all of us.


  2. Wow! Peggy could tell from his handwriting that he killed his wife? And that he would confess and lead authorities to her remains if caught? Makes me wanna go to handwriting analysis school. I would love to know more. Nice blog, BTW! 😉

  3. I am a pschic from Wyoming. I have been doing investigations in this state for the last year and a half. I’d like to get involved with F.L.I.P.

  4. I thank Peggy so much! Had it not been for her, my daughter’s killer would, very likely, still be out there. He was sentenced to 7 years in a plea bargain. But I would like to point out that he did not lead the police to Angie’s remains. Her remains have never been found. I still search with a shovel, every chance I get.
    Thank you, Marianne Asher-Chapman Angie Yarnell’s mother and Co-founder of Missouri Missing

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