Human Trafficking Training – Stop Slavery in America

On Feb 26, 2009, FLIP member Dottie Laster will be in Hollywood, California conducting a one day training seminar on Human Trafficking.  Those attending will in turn become certified to conduct training on this important topic.

New laws make it crucial for business owners, attorneys, investigators, law enforcement and community groups to be educated on trafficking.  Any business, especially one holding a government contract, is at great risk of running afoul of RICO (racketeering laws), civil suits, Department of Labor penalties, and negative publicity.

Some areas covered:

  • Victim identification
  • Human Trafficking indicators
  • Interview and investigative techniques
  • Updates on new Human Trafficking laws
  • Overview of State and Federal criminal charges
  • Attorneys and investigators will learn about new opportunities in both the civil and criminal arenas
  • Businesses will learn how to comply and protect their assets

Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. It is second only to the sale in illegal drugs in its scope. Human Trafficking (modern slavery) can be found in every state in the US and every country in the world. Anyone, male, female, child, adult, of any race, can be a victim of human trafficking.  It is happening all around you.  Learn to recognize it and effectively stop it.

Dottie Laster is a US Department of Justice certified trainer on the issue of Human Trafficking.  She has led Human Trafficking task forces, and consulted for law enforcement, attorneys, film and TV producers, and victims of trafficking.

The TVPA law signed into existence in December 2008 requires that organizations receiving grant money to combat Human Trafficking or provide victim services must train their staff on Human Trafficking issues. This training will comply with that legal requirement.

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