Two More Missing People Brought Home

William Westover
William Westover
Marcy Randolph
Marcy Randolph

Two and a half years ago, Phoenix AZ attorney William Westover flew a Cessna out of the Deer Valley airport, headed towards Sedona.  Aboard was a new acquaintance, Marcy Randolph.  They never arrived.

FLIP Member Jayne McElfresh has devoted a tremendous amount of time since then, coordinating efforts to locate Westover, her long time client and friend.  She was joined by many, including the Missing Aircraft Search Team, a group of skilled volunteers that assists in searches long after the official searches have ended.

On April 22, 2009 the search ended.  Our kudos to all the officials and volunteers who worked together to resolve this case, and especially to Jayne for her tireless efforts, and perseverance.  Learn the whole story of  The Search for N2700Q

More on the search and discovery

3 thoughts on “Two More Missing People Brought Home”

  1. Thanks to Phil, Marcy and Jayne for keeping after this and not giving up! It is due to them that our MAST team worked so diligently over 6 months looking for that one piece of information that would solve this tragedy.

    We were honored to have worked with you and hope that we can now take those lessons learned and make a difference for future aviators.

    I have a friend who is a former Top Gun pilot and now a lobbyist with a major law firm who is well aware of where improvements can and should be made.
    I think he may be willing to assist us on a pro bono basis on Capitol Hill. This is a national problem that will take much effort if we are to succeed.

    We spoke at length Friday night about this situation. Let me know what you think.

    Regards, MAST member Robert Hyman

  2. Have worked with Jayne over the years, always admired her, and after reading this article was again impressed with her tenacity, intelligence, and skill, as well as with the others who solved this case. My thoughts and prayers to the families involved.

    Colleen Collins

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