Vicki in monitorFLIP founder Vicki Siedow interviewed by Diane Mapes for her MSNBC technology section article on Intelius’ new smart phone application.  They say that it will instantly background check one’s date. Does it really work?  Is it a good idea?  Can it be misused?  Read here.

2 Responses to “Date Check Phone App – Instant Background Check?”
  1. Dottie says:

    Vicki did a great job. I think this is a good discussion that parents of teens and young adults should have. It is important to know what a person’s motive may be for being interested in you. It is not a cure all but it could weed out some bad experiences.

    I have learned that people with issues tend to repeat them no matter who they are dating and very good partners are good not matter who they are dating even if it is not a perfect match. Just a jaded comment from someone who has seen the supply and demand side of sex trafficking and all the people it victimizes.

  2. Rayford Remy says:

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