FLIP Members Help Thwart Haitian Child Trafficking Attempt

j0444273On the afternoon of January 26th FLIP and FLIP Justice  founder Vicki Siedow happened to see a Twitter tweet, not directed at her, but very much of interest.  Shaun King, a pastor from Atlanta, had received a tip that human traffickers were trying to buy a number of children out of a Haitian hospital.  Within moments FLIP became involved.  Siedow started getting the word out.  FLIP and FLIP Justice members Melinda Kidder, Dottie Laster & Jesse Watson were suddenly very busy.  They were among those who, using only their contacts over the telephone and social networking sites, went to work to stop  the traffickers.  More here.

2 thoughts on “FLIP Members Help Thwart Haitian Child Trafficking Attempt”

  1. Hello,
    I work in the field of human trafficking, immigration and in the past worked in private investigation work mainly surveillance, attorney investigations and process serving. This is great news of the work and connections that are being done.

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