Another T-Visa Won!

Dottie Laster
Dottie Laster

Anti-Trafficking expert and activist Dottie Laster does it again.  Since July, 2010 when she was authorized to practice in immigration court, assisting victims of trafficking, she has caused four of her clients to be awarded T-Visas; visas granted to those who have been trafficked in the United States.  This may not sound like a lot, but in all of 2010 only 213 such visas were granted in the entire US….and Dottie’s only getting started.  She has 16 more active cases, and has gotten three victims released from jail, plus helped in at least three arrests of traffickers.  See video on this story on Brazilian TV.

One thought on “Another T-Visa Won!”

  1. Dottie,

    I am responding to your e-mail. Our agency founded and directed by Scott Bernstein is the leading child recovery agency in the world. We deal with runaways, parental abductions, kidnap & ransom and particularly human trafficking. We have been successful in over 600 cases to date and located over 1500 missing person cases across the globe. This is all we do. Mr. Bernstein is an expert profiler and criminal behaviorist for all the network and cable TV stations. He assists law enforcement whenever he can. Not one person can fight human trafficking as you know, there are many lives to save and just as many perpetrators that need to be brought to justice.

    I understand that you were interested in connecting with Mr. Bernstein and CRI. Please contact at your earliest convenience to join forces.

    Best regards, Mike

    skype: scott.bernstein1

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