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The “Female Legal and Investigative Professionals” group began as a late night reaction to some male PIs who felt that females could not possibly know how to do “real” investigative work.  Little did I know that by bringing this group together I would be creating more than just a social networking group.

Vicki Siedow, FLIP Founder
Vicki Siedow, FLIP Founder

Like women everywhere, FLIP members are intelligent, hard working, professional and passionate.  We are an extended family.  Our group members are single moms, wives, people with very busy and full lives who somehow find the time to give to the many communities we inhabit.  A large percentage of us have founded nonprofits, volunteer work in the community, and in many other ways contribute great amounts of time, money and expertise to help others.

In a very short time teams of FLIP members began assisting law enforcement and the general public.  I am constantly amazed at the brilliance, talent and depth of feeling that our members bring to each case.  FLIP members also find the time to help the new members succeed as investigators, and as individuals.  We are very human, and at times superhuman.  I am proud and at the same time humbled by my role as “mom” of this group called FLIP.

This page will be a series of articles by FLIP members, sharing their expertise and experience.  We will write about private investigations and detective work.  Some of the topics will be: surveillance, cheating spouses, fraud, embezlement, elder abuse and fraud, nursing home investigations, criminal defense, human trafficking, handwriting analysis and questioned documents, missing children, internet profiling, social networking, drug dogs and cadaver dogs, identity theft, and more.  Please post a comment if there is an area that you would like us to explore; we have an expert in virtually every area of investigation.

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